About us

Ecumenism is the constant search and finding of what unites Christians and the constant rethinking of what sets them apart. This attitude of fervent prayer, humility, studying each other and cooperating in concordance is the vector, backbone, and essence of the contemporary ecumenical movement.

Protopresbyter Ivan Dacko, Dr. Theol., President of the IES


The Institute for Ecumenical Studies strives to broaden the ecumenism of life rooted in friendship, an authentic source of knowledge both for theology and for the humanities.

Dr. Antoine Arjakovsky, Founder of the IES



In 2004 the Senate of the Ukrainian Catholic University decided to establish the Institute of Ecumenical Studies in Lviv (IES). The IES, which has its own Honorary Board, is an autonomous institution within the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Its mission is to develop a Master’s degree program in Ecumenical Studies in Ukraine and abroad and facilitate ecumenical dialogue between churches, civil society and policy makers.

The IES, in partnership with Ukrainian State Universities, teaches faith, culture, and Christian ethics in a way that respect the diversity of faith traditions and the religious freedom of individual conscience, while meeting the students desires for spiritual knowledge.

The IES initiates research programs on the reconciliation of historical memories and peace reconstruction in areas devastated by violence; on innovative textbooks in Christian ethics; on ways of communicating information bearing a solution of hope; and on personal service and accompaniment of people with special needs.

The IES supports practice-oriented initiatives in Ukraine and abroad, while bringing together Christians and people of goodwill to help form pluralistic and tolerant societies throughout Europe.