Our team

  Our Staff
Rev. Dr. Iwan Dacko, President of the IES
Dr. Antoine Arjakovsky, Founding Director of the IES (2004-2011)
Dr. Pavlo Smytsnyuk, Director of the IES
Halyna Bokhonko, Administrative Director of the IES
Iryna Rohovska, Deputy Director of the IES
Rev. Dr. Roman Fihas, Coordinator of the Distance Learning Master's Program in Ecumenical Studies (English version)
Тaras Kurylets, Coordinator of the Distance Annual Certificate Program in Ecumenical Studies
Iryna Kitura, coordinator of the Project "Ecumenical Social Week"
Nataliia Baida, Public Relations Manager of the IES
Taras Dmytryk, Executive Secretary of the UHAT (Ukrainian Christian Academic Society)
Olha Koman, Secretary of the IES