ІЕS in quotations

  • There is no doubt that the Ukrainian Catholic University can provide extremely valuable support in ecumenical labor. It is necessary not to lose hope in the face of difficulties, but to proceed with prayer and mercy for a long time. The dialogue of mercy from its nature supports and highlights the dialogue of truth.
  • Ecumenism is being accomplished, going forward together. As for the things that separate and unite us, I will say this: let's not talk about doctrinal things, let's leave it to theologians, they can do it better than us. ... The only possible way is dialogue, "sincere, without hiding anything under the hollow, face to face. "
  • The religious situation in Ukraine, with its historical memory of a tragic community conflict, could be suitable for research in the future of building trust. Since without establishing at least the minimum of basic trust and confidence among different communities it is unlikely that a true ecumenical relationship can be created.
  • The relationship between Catholic and Orthodox Churches has reached such a level of maturity, which enables them to meet, communicate and specifically anticipate the restoration of their unity. Over the course of fifty years, thanks to the openness, that the Second Vatican Council has made possible, we have come a long way. The process continues. We are called to find the same words that describe the same history of the Church, the same eclectic reality, plurality in their forms, and the desire to be united in their faith, which one day will manifest in the celebration of the common Eucharist.
  • We are convinced that the further development of Ukraine as a modern European state can only benefit from the fact that the rich heritage and spiritual experience of Kyiv Christianity will be comprehended, researched and studied at the appropriate scientific level. Discovering, multiplying and revealing to the whole world the priceless treasures of Eastern Christianity, the UCU also seeks to contribute to the world ecumenical and cultural dialogue between the Christian East and the West.
  • The Metropolitan's dream was to build his own - that is, a free, independent university, a Ukrainian university with a distinct patriotic upbringing, and most importantly - a Catholic, where in teaching and in science, and in the foundation of the upbringing, Christian values should be. It is our university that is built on the principles so important for the Metropolitan: sacrifice of martyrs, testimony of confessors, openness and love of another person. We try to implement these principles and emphasize them through various external accents.
  • The wounds of the past are still deep enough, but there is a sincere desire to return to the Christianity of the times of St.. Volodymyr, when the Church was still united and not divided. We are talking about the simultaneous communion with all the Churches of their right within the framework of a single Universal Church. This is not a simple task, but with God's help it is undoubtedly possible and necessary to be done.
  • I came to study at the MPES in order to fill my life with things that had previously been lacking: dynamism, variety, resistance to stereotypes, activation of my intellectual and spiritual growth. I took what I myself was then open towards. However, I will always be grateful for the start I dared to make: to work on something that did not yet have a system of developed algorithms – that is a hope for the victory of Good. To work on myself and for the people.
  • I believe that in the years to come we will understand more and more that ecumenical science is the main paradigm that enables us to embody a new university, a new synthesis of knowledge - not only between different religions, different Christian churches, but also such which is ready to answer modern issues, such as fundamentalism. ... I believe that there is one science, that is supreme and can answer all these questions, - this is above all things ecumenical science.