Contest News

  • On June 6 the third All-Ukrainian contest "Reporters of Hope in Ukraine" was opened in Ukraine. This is a contest for the best article, reportage or program which is an "information-carrier of solutions," which means it presents important issues of modern society and gives them specific answers and shows ways to solve problems.
  • On September 28 an awards ceremony was held for the winners of the Second All-Ukrainian contest "Reporters of Hope in Ukraine." 12 authors were nominated and took prizes in four categories: "Society," "Economy," "Culture," and "Religion."
  • LVIV – The second All-Ukrainian Reporters of Hope in Ukraine competition started on June 8. The goal of the competition is to reward the best article, report or program which would «provide information and solutions», or, in other words, not merely elcidate important problems of conemporary society, but also provide concrete answers to these problems, and point to ways of resolving them, by encouraging people to act.
  • In May of this year, the Institute of Ecumenical Studies held the competition, “Reporters of Hope in Ukraine” – the competition was for journalists who are ready to bring evidence of hope to Ukrainian media through the power of the pen and the word and thus to conquer the atmosphere of despair, weakness, and apathy.