Reporters of Hope in Ukraine Competition Announced

LVIV – The second All-Ukrainian Reporters of Hope in Ukraine competition started on June 8. The goal of the competition is to reward the best article, report or program which would «provide information and solutions», or, in other words, not merely elcidate important problems of conemporary society, but also provide concrete answers to these problems, and point to ways of resolving them, by encouraging people to act.

The competition is administered by the Institute for Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University, with support of the French organization Reporters d'espoirs (Reporters of hope). The competition takes as its inspiration the analogous project in France (

The current competition is the second «Reporters of Hope» competition in Ukraine. Accepted for consideration are materials providing «information and solutions», broadcast, recorded, or published in any Ukrainian mass media (in the Ukrainian or Russian language), or posted on sites of electronic media over the period from June 8, 2010 through June 6, 2011. Winners will be determined in four nominations: «Society», «Economics», «Culture», and «Religion».

The award ceremony will take place during the Third Ecumenical Social Week in October, 2011. Submissions are accepted until June 6, 2011.