Publications of the IES




Antoine Arjakovsky. Conversations with Lubomyr Cardinal Husar: Towards a Post-Confessional Christianity / translated from French. Lviv: Ukrainian Catholic University Press 2007. 160 p.pdf  
The publication is dedicated to His Beatitude Lubomyr (Husar). 
The book consists of several  interviews  of the author with Cardinal Husar on the theme of  the Orange Revolution , Kyiv Church, ecumenical mission of the Eastern Catholic Churches and the works of His Beatitude
Arjakovsky Antoine,
Church, Culture and Identity: Reflections on Orthodoxy in the Modern World, Ukrainian Catholic University Press, Lviv, 2007, 160p.
Friendship as an Ecumenical Value. Procedings of the International Conference held on the inauguration of the Insitute of Ecumenical Studies (Lviv, 11-15 June 2005), Ukrainian Catholic University Press, Lviv, 2006, 232p.  


Hurka Leonard. Heritage of the Fathers. The ecumenical nature of Velehrad tradition, Lviv publishin house “Svichado”, 2007, 192p.

This work is dedicated to Velehrad Congresses that were held during 1907-1936, and were aimed for a dialogue between the Catholic and the Orthodox Church and the restoration of Cyrylo and Mythodiy tradition. The author seeks to show a synthesis of views and practical ecumenical postulates; explores the ecumenical doctrine of the Congresses through promoting it by press of that time and Decrees of the Second Vatican Council on ecumenism.


Cardinal Walter Kasper, Handbook of Spiritual Ecumenism, publishing house of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, 2007, 80p.


According to His Beatitude Lubomyr (Huzar), today this book is very relevant for Christians in Ukraine. In this work, spiritual and prayerful dimension of ecumenism is specially emphasised, which, unfortunately, sometimes is forgotten, although it is the essence of all ecumenical efforts.


Perus Bernard, Life of Marthe Robin, Publishing house “Svichado”, Lviv, 2007, 335p.


From a young age suffering from a severe illness, which confined her to bed, Marthe Robin became an example of great faith, grace and humbleness. For about forty years, she was visited by more than 100 000 people who she helped with her prayers and advice. The process of beatification begun only few years later after her death. The materials collected during this process, numerous evidences, excerpts from letters and diaries became the basis of this book.


Les Jalons Cent Ans Apres, Lviv, 2009, 178 p.


Collection of articles dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the publication of a collection of articles of Russian intelligentsia “Vikhy”. The authors of this new collection asked a question about the major intellectual trends, new projections and ideologies, the main challenges of the XXI century. The collection contains articles by such authors as Cardinal Walter Kasper, Father Enzo Bianchi, John Milbank, George Nivat, Paul Walter, Josyf Los, Olha Siedakova, Antoine Arjakovsky.


Wilhelm de Fris, Orthodoxy and Catholicism: confrontation or complementarity? publishing house of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, 2009, 150 p.


This book was published in 1965 and has already become a classic. It was a notable contribution to development of ecumenical thought. The author tries without prejudice to consider the history of relations between the western and eastern part of Christianity, ideological differences between them, which under the circumstances of mutual intolerance and exclusivism led to the rupture.


Halyna Dobosh, Foundations of Christian ethics. Living and studying in the family: a textbook for 2nd form of secondary schools, publishing house “Svit”, Lviv, 2010, 88 p.


The book provides students with an opportunity to learn in an accessible way the foundations of Christian ethics and form their life stance. This is the first textbook on the cycle of educational materials on Christian ethics, work on which began IES. The textbook is created on the basis of the educational program “Foundations of Christian Ethics 1-11 forms”, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


Halyna Dobosh, Foundations of Christian ethics. Trying to do good: a textbook for 3rd form of secondary schools, publishing house “Svit”, Lviv, 2011, 120 p.


Thematic of the publication is dedicated to issues of human vocation. The author considers the nature of human, freedom of will, its purpose in this world and principles that help to fulfil oneself - the Commandments of God, and also explains the role of mentors and parents for all of us.