Ukrainian Youth for Christ met with the President of IES

2017-11-27 15:30

During the traditional meeting Tea Party with God, the audience could hear about Patriarch Slipyi's youth, his work with young people, years of imprisonment and freedom, as well as learn more about his character traits, high sense of humor and other interesting things that one can not read about in textbooks.


Father Iwan Dacko, a man of deep life wisdom and a great sense of humor, managed to unlock the scenes of the life of the Great Patriarch. Father Dacko's living testimony was a great opportunity to look at Patriarch Josyph with new eyes.

 Later, Father Iwan's autograph session took place.

For the record: “Tea Party with God” is a special project of the Lviv NGO “Ukrainian Youth for Christ” designed to help young people find answers to difficult questions

 Chrystyna Kutniv, a student of MPES

Photo: Valentyna Yevtushok