Book by the IES’s President Fr. Iwan Dacko presented at UCU

2017-10-18 15:45

The event was held by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at UCU on the occasion of Father Iwan’s 70th anniversary.

 Oleh Turii, Vice-Rector for External Relations of the Ukrainian Catholic University, moderated the presentation. During his introductory address, Father Dr. Iwan Dacko said: "This year I didn't want to celebrate my 70th birthday. But after Mrs. Halyna Bokhonko and Dr. Mariia Horiacha told me about the idea of ​​publishing a book of my works, I was very moved. This can be explained by the fact that I could not organize it myself. Today we already have this book." He also admitted that he had struggled for long with the idea of ​​how to call this work. "I liked the title of the late Professor Volodymyr Kubiyovych, 'I'm 70,' but Dr. Horiacha explained that in this case, I was not original and that it was impossible to do so." According to Father Iwan, the current title is the best option. 

 The Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Father-Doctor Bohdan Prakh, in his welcoming speech noted the great tradition of UCU. It is to respect the deepest Christian values, at the epicenter of which there is always a person, always the foundation on which everything is built. The Father-Rector also stressed the importance of the spiritual connection of Patriarch Josyph Slipyi with Father Iwan, which "creates a certain aura around the mystery around those who were close to Patriarch Josyph."

 President of the Ukrainian Catholic University Bishop Borys (Gudziak) in his speech emphasized the importance of publishing this book. He also noted Father's professionalism in dealing with the facts of various historical events and especially the role of people in these events. According to Bishop Borys, Father Iwan remembers all significant dates in the life of the Church and can tell what the weather was like on the day of the event. “Time goes by, memory runs out, but what is recorded on paper, in text after text, in speech after speech, is alive. Father Iwan shares his desire for the unity of Christians. I want to say that in this book the reader will be able to get acquainted with the great facts, and among other - the spirit of desire. Wish for more. Such a read is interesting, it is memorable,” emphasized the President of UCU.

 "He had a lot on his plate: recruiting staff, building structures and dioceses; he had a lot of work to do. Every day was a continuous visit. Extreme endurance and tolerance could smooth out these sometimes very tense situations. Speaking of Father Iwan in the 1990s – literally, everything could be called "for the first time", only in good words did Anita Prokopovych, an archivist at the Ukrainian Catholic University, mention her colleague.

 Finally, Mariia Horiacha, the scientific editor of Father Iwan's work "In Search of Unity and Truth," shared more personal memories. She spoke about the early years of working with Father-Doctor and how important his support was to her.


The room was full of guests: friends and congeners, colleagues and just people for whom the figure of the President of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies Father-Doctor Iwan Dacko was important.


Nataliia Likhnovska

Photo by Olexander Laskin