MPES students defended master works!

2016-07-27 11:30

Julia Hnativ, student of the "Journalism" specialization, presented a master work on «MEDIA AS A TOOL IN INTERRELIGIOUS CONFLICTS: CONTEXT OF UKRAINE AND THE NETHERLANDS (in English)». Julia Vintoniv ("Christian Ethics" specialization) chose the theme of her research and presented a master’s thesis on "Use of publicism by Euhene Sverstiuk on Christian ethics lessons."

Anna Olenska ("Medical, Psychological and Social Support for People with Special Needs" specialization) defended her master’s thesis on "The interpretation of the value of people with special needs in community. Theological, applied and practical dimension." And Snizhana Krehovetska ("Journalism" specialization) presented the master’s thesis on "Christian character of Shevchenko’s worldview: media aspect."