Institute of Ecumenical Studies hosts guests from the Netherlands

2015-05-27 10:30

 According to Ms. Helen Zorgdrager, these are socially active people of different professions like teachers, office workers, retired people and others. They are united not only by faith, but also by common idea and mission: “They are practical Christians and they implement their faith in practice. This is their third trip here and they are interested to be in Ukraine now, after the Maidan, in time of the war to express their solidarity with the Ukrainians. And, actually, to understand how their Protestant community can help and how the West in general can help.”

- These people are active members of their local protestant churches. They support the Institute of Ecumenical Studies, and my job as a lecturer at UCU. Now they are looking forward to meeting with students of MPES because they want to communicate with Ukrainian youth. They were curious to know how the average Ukrainians live - says Ms. Zorgdrager.
A join trip of visitors from the Netherlands and students of MPES to the monastery of St. Herard (village of Hnizdychiv) is planned to May 3.
At the end of their visit to Ukraine, members of the Protestant Church of the Netherlands are planning to visit the Ukrainian Carpathians.