Recollections 2015: Look for the truth, and the truth will set you free

2015-05-27 10:30
“We gathered there to hold three meetings: with God, with each other and with Yourself. The topic of our discussions was the Word. To what extent the five-term notion can be capacious and strong. God created the world with it, life and death are subjected to it, the ability to create beauty. Word - is an integral part of the Christian image. Great responsibility is hidden behind it, because it should be the bearer of Truth”- said Father Orest Demko.
During the recollections students were considering the needs of the world and vocation of every individual. Also they talked about the kinds of truth - human and divine. “Our human truth can hurt, while the truth of God can heal. Firstly you have to think not about whether a person has grown enough to accept this truth, but whether you are ready to find the right words to speak to it. Think over, how would Christ say this Truth to a man? – By Love!”- taught Father Orest.


According to the student of MPES Iryna Ivanets, fresh mountain morning with a prayer is a feeling of complete blissfulness. And singing Christian songs with a guitar created a special atmosphere of pre-Easter recollections.