“In the spirit we are united”: representatives of different confessions prayed together for Christian unity

2015-01-26 09:45

Father Hryhoriy Draus, Dean of St. John Paul II of the Roman Catholic Church; Father Vasyll Lutsyshyn, rector of the Lviv Theological Seminary of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church; Father Tadeos Gevorgyan, Rector of the Cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church; Father Markiyan Kayumov, spokesman for the Diocese of Lviv Ukrainian Orthodox Church; Mr. Mykhailo Khromyak, Dean of the Lviv Theological Seminary of Christians of Evangelical religion, Pentecostals; Father Yuriy Sakvuk, the Head of the Spiritual Pastoral Department of the UCU; Father Roman Fihas, the Institute of Ecumenical Studies participated in the ecumenical prayer service. Father Bohdan Prah, Rector of the UCU led the prayer.

In his speech Father Bohdan Prah emphasised on the responsibility of everyone to see the God in every person. “Ask God for unity in Ukraine, pray with sincerity of your heart for the true unity of Christians. Recently, Pope Francis said that if all wanted unity, it would have been, just not everyone wants. And today our prayer is to God to open the hearts of those who are responsible for thousand of millions of people who run the churches to want that unity”- said the Rector of the UCU.

Our unity does not mean that the one should be subjected to another. But it should mean that in the spirit we are united. You can read the prayer but sacrament will not happen. Sacrament happens only in accordance with our faith. As we have faith, it seems to me that even if we are not officially united, but we still will be united as today” - encouraged Father Tadeos Gevorgyan.

After a joint prayer participants had the opportunity to see the Nativity play in the modern interpretation of a young team of UCU students. Creative boys and girls have already visited Eastern Ukraine with this play and again impressed with novelty and sincerity of the performance.

Event organiser: Institute of Ecumenical Studies of UCU