The Institute of Ecumenical Studies organized a seminar “Simulation methods: A bridge to better understanding of people with special needs”

2011-07-07 12:15

The purpose of the event was to present one of the methods of training instructors for the certificate program “Medical, psychological and social support for people with disabilities.” The seminar was conducted by Oksana Vynyarska, coordinator of “Medical, psychological and social support for persons with disabilities,” who described simulation methods, where they are used, and on whose experiences they are based.

During the workshop participants were able to find themselves in situations where one can experience problems that arise in the daily life of people with disabilities. Thus, blindfolded or in special glasses that simulate weak eyesight, members poured water into a glass, tried to unwrap candy wearing work gloves, and so on. Thanks to such individual and group exercises the seminar participants received a new experience and more understanding of the behavior people with special needs and will be able to apply this experience in dealing with disabled people. The participants of the seminar were specialists of social services agencies and volunteers of social services, specialists in various fields, members of families with disabled persons and students of socially-oriented schools.