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Ecumenical School for Dialogue in Lviv 2019

“Creating Friendship through Dialogue: Ecumenism in Action”



Dialogue is one of the fundamental goals and instrument of the ecumenical movement. Communication, as willingness to hear other and express your own position, is a necessary condition for stereotypes’ deconstruction and for creating friendly relations. It is not possible to reach true success in the issue of the Christian unity dialoging.

The question of dialogue is very sensitive in the Ukrainian context. During long period of the soviet occupation communication was a target of the propagandist machine and was systematically ruined by fear and distrust. Therefore the Ukrainian Catholic University declared its mission as witnessing, serving and communicating. UCU sees renewal of trust through dialogue as one of the decisive task for all men of good will in order to overcome divisions and to step forward in building of better society.

Institute of Ecumenical Studies at UCU in different ways was engaged into communication with the different Christian communities in Ukraine and in the world. It gained significant experience in setting of cooperation, abolishing of hatred and creating friendly relations with the representatives of many Christian traditions. IES believes that dialogue and friendship among the Church’s representatives is one of the most reliable and effective mean for reaching of the Christian unity.

Since Lviv, thanks to its historical and geographic position of the crossroads of Nations, Cultures and Religions, cultivated atmosphere of dialogue. The Ecumenical School for Dialogue in Lviv would raise the issue of communication and its meaning for the interpersonal and intercommunity relations through lectures of professors and prominent figures (from UCU’s and outside), excursions, master-classes and unformal conversations. Lviv, as the “city of dialogue”, would be the best place for receiving participants from Europe.

Ukraine at the time of Maidan (2013-2014) became a place of the cruel hostile act of the outside aggression. Further Russian invasion of the Ukrainian territory (Crimea and Donetsk-Luhansk regions) caused the biggest political disbalance in Europe since the Second World War. From another side these events gave a start to radical transformation of our country. Phenomenon of Maidan was characterized by incredible solidarity of the nation, representatives of different religions and heroic consolidation of people causing transformation of the human hearts. The desire for justice, fight for the common good, the near presence of the Churches with the people and the open ecumenical atmosphere of dialogue became the features of the new shift in our society. Thus “fresh” experience of Maidan’s phenomenon happened in the mid of Europe could be attractive issue for the young European generation. Through meetings, lectures and conversations students and researches could broad their world-view, get to know more about Ukraine and at the same time about Europe.

Accommodation in Lviv

Students during their stay in Lviv will live in Hotel “Patriarch” which is five minutes walking to Theology and Philosophy Faculty UCU