IES in partnership with the Center for European Humanities Research of the National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy”, has created the Ukrainian Christian Academic Society (UKhAT in its Ukrainian acronym), thus joining educators from different denominations and academic institutions in Ukraine, including the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv), Institute of St. Thomas Aquinas (Kyiv), College of Patriarch Mstyslav (Kharkiv), National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” (Kyiv), and others.

The Society continues in the spirit of, and in close cooperation with the members of the former Study Group of the Kyiv Church (Rev. Andrii Chyrovskyi, Rev. Andrii Onuferko, Rev. Borys Gudziak, Archbishop Antony Shcherba et al.) to promote:

- interdisciplinary academic research of the issues of the “Kyiv Church”, as well as of the relation between ecclesiology and anthropology

- open dialogue in love and mutual respect, and mindfulness of the position of the opposing side

- providing information on contemporary ecumenical research to the Ukrainian society and media.

UKhAT Seminars:

- “Yelchaninov Readings” dedicated to Rev. Oleksandr Yelchaninov (Mykolaiv, May 2006)

- Seminar on Hryhorii Skovoroda (Kharkiv, April 2007)

- Seminar on St. Dmitri of Rostov (Kyiv, October 2007)

- International Seminar “M. O. Poltoratsky and the Paris Theological School” (Odessa, May 2008)

- “The Kyiv Church: ecclesiastical tradition – historiographical problem – ecumenical perspective” (Kyiv, September 2008)

- “Social Consequences of the Wounds of the Past” (Lviv, October 2009)