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Ecumenical School for Dialogue

Ecumenical School for Dialogue in Lviv 2019

“Creating Friendship through Dialogue: Ecumenism in Action”

English-Speaking School

at the Institute of Ecumenical Studies (Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine)

When: 1-13 September.

Where: Theology and Philosophy Faculty of the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, Ukraine) + visit to Kyiv and Transcarpathian region.

Participants: 15 German students and young researchers + 5 Ukrainian students.

Working language: English.

Teaching staff: Fr Iwan Dacko, Fr Dr Thomas Nemeth, Myroslav Marynovych, Dr Yaroslav Hrytsak, Fr George Kovalenko, Taras Kurylets, Fr Dr Oleh Kindiy, Dr Taras Dzyubansky, Dr Volodymyr Turchynovskyy, Dr Roman Soloviy, Roman Nazarenko and others.

Organizer: Institute of Ecumenical Studies (Ukrainian Catholic University).

Partners: Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg.


- To popularize and spread ecumenical values such as communication, dialogue and friendship,

- To create a platform for meeting and opinion’s sharing for the representatives of different Church’s communities,

- To get acquainted with Ukrainian experience in the realm of Christian, interreligious, cultural and ethnical dialogue,

- To engage international community, young researchers and students to the question of reconciliation and peacebuilding, and its significance for the Ukrainian and European society,

- Strengthen academic international relations between European academic institutions.

Welcome to study at the MPES

IES conducts students enrollment to study at the Master's Program in Ecumenical Studies by the following specializations:

 - journalism

Christian ethics

medical, psychological and social support for people with special needs.

 Submission of documents until 02/10/2017.

Entrance exams – 02/10/2017. Time: 10:00.

Location: 35a, Khutorivka st., Philosophy and Theology Faculty of the Ukrainian Catholic University.


1. Ecumenical School for Dialogue

IES conducts enrollment to the Ecumenical School for Dialogue 2019.

Submission of documents – until  June 30, 2019.

ESD starts –  September1-13, 2019.