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Ecumenical School for Dialogue

Ecumenical School for Dialogue in Lviv 2019

“Creating Friendship through Dialogue: Ecumenism in Action”

English-Speaking School

at the Institute of Ecumenical Studies (Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine)

When: 1-13 September.

Where: Theology and Philosophy Faculty of the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, Ukraine) + visit to Kyiv and Transcarpathian region.

Participants: 10 German students and young researchers + 5 Ukrainian students.

Working language: English.

Organizer: Institute of Ecumenical Studies (Ukrainian Catholic University).

Partners: Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg.


- To popularize and spread ecumenical values such as communication, dialogue and friendship,

- To create a platform for meeting and opinion’s sharing for the representatives of different Church’s communities,

- To get acquainted with Ukrainian experience in the realm of Christian, interreligious, cultural and ethnical dialogue,

- To engage international community, young researchers and students to the question of reconciliation and peacebuilding, and its significance for the Ukrainian and European society,

- Strengthen academic international relations between European academic institutions.


ESD’ study program consists of combination of different types of educational activities:

- lectures

- round tables

- presentations

- discussions

- workshops

- cultural visits

- city-tours and excursions


Welcome to study at the MPES

IES conducts students enrollment to study at the Master's Program in Ecumenical Studies by the following specializations:

 - journalism

Christian ethics

medical, psychological and social support for people with special needs.

 Submission of documents until 02/10/2017.

Entrance exams – 02/10/2017. Time: 10:00.

Location: 35a, Khutorivka st., Philosophy and Theology Faculty of the Ukrainian Catholic University.


1. Ecumenical School for Dialogue

IES conducts enrollment to the Ecumenical School for Dialogue 2019.

Submission of documents – until  June 30, 2019.

ESD starts –  September1-13, 2019.