Students of MPES visited Romania

2010-12-23 16:45

During the visit they had an opportunity to visit the city of Oradea, get acquainted with the history and culture of Hungarians in Romania, participate in a Protestant worship service, do sightseeing and socialize with their peers. Meetings with the dean of the Orthodox Institute, Professor Stefan Ilyae, and a lecturer of the Protestant Institute, Foka Van der Beek, were very interesting.

A visit to a Hungarian village where students had the opportunity to see a church built in 1241 and visit a museum of Hungarian life were also informative. Spiritual union was facilitated by a visit to the Nikula Orthodox monastery, which preserves a miraculous weeping icon. Notably, this is not the first example of the fellowship of the Protestant Institute and the Institute of Ecumenical Studies. Last spring Romanian students visited Lviv. The institutes plan to continue their cooperation in the future.