Philosophy of the competition “Reporter of hope in Ukraine” pre presented

2010-12-13 18:45

Paraskoviya Dvoryanyn, editor-in-chief of TRC “Luks”, editor-in-chief of the program “Lviv News” (channel “24”) was moderator of the round table. An honorary guest was Archbishop Venedykt (Aleksiychuk), assistant episcope of the Lviv Eparchy of the UGCCh.

Among the participants of the round table were reporters, journalists and representatives of media: Oleksandr Dobroyed, director of the European Institute of Social Communications, sociologist, journalist; Taras Lylyo, docent of the Department of Foreign Press and Information of the Ivan Franko National University; Oleksandr Akymenko, media expert of the NGO “The Institute of Mass Media “Luks”, a winner of the 1st All-Ukrainian competition “Reporters of Hope in Ukraine”; Taras Antoshevskyi, director of the Religious Informative Service of Ukraine; Olesya Barchuk, PR manager of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies; Tetyana Kalinichenko, an advertising manager of the radio “Mariya”; Sofiya Palyukh from the Maltese Aid Service.

At the event, Olesya Barchuk spoke about conducting and about the results of the 1st competition “Reporters of hope in Ukraine” as well as the innovations of the 2nd competition.

The project aims at encouraging readers, listeners and viewers not to be passive consumers of offered information.