7 October – fourth day of 3rd Ecumenical Social Week started with opening of academic conference “Trust. Responsibility. Philanthropy.”

2010-10-28 11:15

Main attention of speakers was given to understanding of philanthropy, not only as financial help of wealthy people, but also as sacrificial love to those, who need support and encouragement. As Kateryna Yushchenko noted, philanthropy, first of all, is “a spiritual question, philosophy of how to share with neighbors”. Marc Hardy represented “philanthropy of personal encouragement”, which means that despite different circumstances, every person in her life can help establishing trust, sincerely cheer up others, give them hope.

“Philanthropy helps, - stressed Mark Hardy, -building such relations of trust and marks, when we believe in intentions of other people and in their potential to make life better for themselves, and at the same time to create conditions of existence for their families, churches, communities and countries”.

Those present were conducting discussion on world experience of trust, responsibility and philanthropy with father Borys Gudziak, rector of Ukrainian Catholic University, Daniel Caron, Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine, Ivan Yurkevych, Arch-bishop, Apostolic Nuncio (diplomatic representative of Pope) in Ukraine and Robert Spicer – pastor of Lutheran Church of USA. Doctor father Borys Gudziak has spoken on a budget and financial activity of Ukrainian Catholic University as examples of work with responsibility in trust and through philanthropy. Rector has announced approximate calculations of financial life of the university and stated that this, as it seems, is an impossible way of financial activity, but in reality it is responsible and trustful, philanthropic and effective during already 16 years of work. And Pastor of Lutheran Church of USA Rober Spicer, talking on philanthropy, has divided it into responsible and irresponsible one. Important element of responsible philanthropy is erudition about an aim and way of spending donated money, and also own control over philanthropic activity. Also participants discussed an issue of percentage philanthropy of taxation code. “Principle of percentage philanthropy makes public organizations exit own circle and step into society, show what they do” –Svitlana Kuts, DVV International Ukraine highlighted. Director of Anti-crisis Humanity Program of International Fund “Vidrodzhennia” Ruslan Kraplych at one of the activities has noted, that today’s search of a new paradigm of wealth is going on, in which principal role will be played by value oriented communities, which unite for mutual help. And as to motivations and values, - “Values, which are used by business and social organizations are different, and crisis lies in the fact, that we often forget about motivation”.

Today a project of Institute of Ecumenical Studies “Observatory of successful initiatives” was also presented to wide publicity. This is electronic data base of successful initiatives in different spheres of activity with possibility of search by regions of Ukraine and thematic fields. Project has successfully started this year in June. Already scores of organizations, active people and parishioners from all over Ukraine took part in creation of the project, having donated their initiatives.