Ukrainian business learns to build trust

2010-10-28 11:15

He mentioned that lack of trust in post-socialistic states is caused by continuous period of life in fear, when due to perpetual work of KGB and other institutions; person could trust no one, but herself. In contrast, extended trust, according to his words, is a critical element of the conception of social capital that can explain divergent economic performances on the level of societies and economics. Marc Hardy raised a problem of trust between business and mass-media and of media influence on formation of trust to business. Basing on present realities of American society, which has high enough level of trust to the state, he noted, that only positive references in free press can attract attention of investors to one or another company. “We need to have supremacy of law and strong state, but also need to have free press, which is able to track ethics of business activity”, stated Marc Hardy. Following activity of the day was the opening of exhibition of contemporary icons of famous family icon painting studio “Heaven on Earth”, which is headed by father Serhiy Pavelko. On the exhibit there were presented contemporary icons from artistic work of artists from Mykolayiv. Visitors have seen about 15 works.

To exposition there were enlisted works, made in different techniques, in particular, auto-interpretations of methods of Ukrainian and foreign icon-painting schools, and contemporary creative icon. “We try to renew, support and continue traditions of honoring icons, in family, in particular. An icon is a part of paradise. According to words of Saint Fathers, icon is “heaven on Earth”, and family is small Church, therefore icon unites it in faith, and creativity. It brings love.” – pointed out Mariya Pavelko. Third day of Ecumenical Social Week ended with presentation of film on social theme - “Three histories of Galicia”. 86 minutes of film by Ukrainian Olga Onyshko and Sarah Fargat from Lebanon, who dwell in Washington, this is experience of tragic events, which more than half a century ago swirled in Galicia. This is a unique socio-cultural event, which is called to unite wide circles of historians, statesmen, religious leaders and all people of good will of different nationalities and religions around principal themes, which are revealed in a film, - conciliation, hope and forgiveness.