Third MPES Class Graduates

2010-09-08 12:15

The first day of festivities opened with a divine liturgy at the UCU Chapel, and a graduates' procession to the crypt of the St. George Cathedral.

The procession of the graduates laid flowers at the Taras Shevchenko monument, and the Patriarch Yosyf Slipyi memorial plaque. The procession concluded with a common prayer at the St. George crypt.

The commencement ceremony itself took place the next day, on July 3rd. The ceremony began with a divine liturgy at the Holy Spirit Seminary. The liturgy was headed by IES President Rev. Ivan Datsko, and co-celebrated by UCU Rector Rev. Borys Gudziak.

In keeping with the UCU tradition, the commencement ceremony began with the graduates' entrance into the Conference Hall, followed by a prayer, and the Ukrainian anthem. Afterwards UCU Rector Rev. Borys Gudziak addressed the graduates and guests: «Every ecumenist, every cathecist, every historian, every social pedagogue, seminarian, future priest, every monk and nun are called to bring peace, certainty, truth, light and joy into the world». Additional speeches were given by Holy Spirit Seminary Rector Rev. Mykolai Fredyna, and Professor Ola Hnatiuk, First Councillor of the Polish Embassy in Ukraine, who spoke on Ukrainian-Polish relations in the past, and today.

Rev. Ivan Datsko also addressed the graduates. «I congratulate the graduages of the Master's Program in Ecumenical Program... I would like to hope that among [future] MPES graduates, there will be many of our students, seminarians, future priests from our Holy Spirit Seminary», Rev. Datsko said.

Olesia Pastuschak delivered a word of gratitude from the graduates. «In studying here, we really were... on an educational-spiritual island, for here we were inspired by generous and hardworking teachers, who opened for us the way to more knowledge through their own example of diligence. The generous university atmosphere of trust and equality, based everywhere on the principle of unconditional love, gave us wings, and inspired us to a life in Christian joy», Pastuschak said.

The commencement ceremony ended in the awarding of diplomas and honors. Eight MPES graduates received Master's diplomas in Ecumenical Studies.

Easter Greetings from IES President Rev. Ivan Datsko

The Institute for Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University would like to offer sincere well-wishes to leaders of all Churches and Church communities in Ukraine and over the world, the UCU Rectorate, employees, staff and students, and all people of good will.

May the risen Christ bless His Church and the Ukrainian nation with His mighty right hand, and illuminate the thoughts and hearts of all of us, that we may fulfill His commandment, that all may be one (John 17:21).

Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed!

Rev. Ivan Datsko, President, Institute for Ecumenical Studies.