The IES has released its collection of articles “Milestones: After One Hundred Years”

2010-03-24 15:30

To celebrate this anniversary, the Institute of Ecumenical Studies has contemporized the work with the release of its collection “Milestones: After 100 Years”, that was published in the cooperation with the publishing house of the François-Xavier de Guibert.

The purpose of this anniversary collection is threefold.

First of all, its purpose is to honor the lines of thinking, which, in spite of all of their differences and internal development, were able to pass on a spiritual and intellectual inheritance both to the new countries that appeared following the collapse of the USSR, and to the West, where these authors were carefully translated.

Its purpose is also to attest to the universality of this intellectual generation, the students of Berdiaev, Bulgakov, and their friends, bringing together contemporary thinkers, who are happy to attest to their commitment to this open and dynamic spiritual thought.

Finally, this collection is the desire to attest to the life-giving force of this creative intellectual field, sown by the 1909 collection. The authors of this collection at the present time asked themselves about the main intellectual directions, about new forms of knowledge and ideologies, about the main challenges of the 21st century.

The collection contains articles by Ukrainian and foreign authors, such as Cardinal Walter Kasper, Fr. Enzo Bianchi, John Milbank, Georges Nivat, Paul Valliere, Iossif Loss, Olga Sedakova, and Antoine Arjakovsky.

In his introduction to the book, Archbishop Gavryil Komansky, the Exarch of the Constantinople Patriarchate in Western Europe, called for the serious consideration of the intellectual advance begun by Berdiaev and his colleagues. The collection “Milestowns: After One Hundred Years” was presented by Antoine Arjakovsky and François-Xavier de Guibert in the office of the Russian Student Christian Movement Organization in Paris on the 2nd of November, 2009.