The Expert Commission of the ESW prepared two legislative projects: on percentage philanthropy and on the support of non-profit organizations by legal entities

2010-03-24 15:00

Both initiatives were universally supported by all the representatives of the leading Ukrainian parties. Deputies assured participants of their support for the furthering of these legislative ideas.

Percentage philanthropy is an innovative legal norm in the countries that have joined the EU. The principle of percentage philanthropy consists of the thought that a taxpayer has the right on the basis of his or her annual tax declaration to direct the tax authorities to transfer up to 2% of the taxes paid for the benefit of a certain non-profit organization. Stepan Kurpil, a national deputy from the BYuT party, who is a member of the committee on questions of European integration, believes that such a bill is important to submit for examination by the Verkhovna Rada, but it is necessary to find a justification for the loss of budget funds. “The prime minister supports the idea of such legislation. In order to hasten its adoption, we need to engage a group of deputies to finalize the legislation,” asserted Kurpil.

Volodymyr Stretovych, a national deputy from the community movement “National Self-Defense” emphasized that this legislation is very important for Ukrainian society. “Percentage philanthropy is one step towards the building of a civil society,” said Stretovych.