The new 2009-2010 academic year has begun for the DMPES

2010-03-24 14:45

There are about 20 students from different regions of Ukraine, and also from Belarus and Brazil, studying in the program. The Ukrainian-language division of the DMPES began their semester on September 1. They will have the opportunity to take several historical, theological, and ecumenical courses. In particular, first-year students will be able to familiarize themselves with scholarly disciplines such as the History of Religion, Metaphysics and Theodicy, Eastern Christian Spirituality, Introduction to Biblical Studies, Introduction to Theology, and Patristics. For those who are in their second year of study, the following subjects are offered: Trinitology, Ecclesiology, The Churches about Mass-Media, Methodology and Practice of Religious Journalism, and others. The unique feature of the second year of the program is that students will immerse themselves further in the field of religious journalism and will undergo a practicum under the guidance of the director of the Religious Information Service of Ukraine, Taras Antoshevsky. Also over the course of the second year of study, students will be writing their master’s theses, the defense of which is scheduled for June 2010.