Students of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies took part in a summer academic course “Rome and Byzantium” at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome

2010-03-24 14:15

Its participants were dozens of professors and instructors, as well as young scholars and students from Ukraine, Poland, and Italy. They prayed together and held spiritual and intellectual conversations, the main theme of which was how to work together to build bridges of understanding between the Christian East and West. Among the participants of this course were two students of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies – Olesya Stohniy and Volodymyr Olshanskyi.

This unusual journey became possible thanks to the director of the course, the president of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies Fr. Ivan Dacko, who renewed the tradition of conducting summer academic courses. Under Patriarch Iosyf Slipyi, UCU in Rome organized 16 such courses, where instructors and students of the Ukrainian diaspora came together. And three years ago, the first academic course “Rome between East and West” was successfully carried out, which laid a new foundation for work between scholarly and spiritual powers in Ukraine and Rome.