IES organized an online meeting with Dr. Beat Rink

2020-10-29 09:00

On October 28, 2020, an online meeting was held with Dr. Beat Rink, Founder and Director of the Ecumenical Association of Christian Musicians Crescendo, Basel, Switzerland. The conversation was led by Ivan Dukhnych, a musician and lecturer in the UCU culturology program.

Dr. Beat shared his experience of how Crescendo's ecumenical initiative as a Christian association of artists was born, he also told about its path from the first steps to global success. The Swiss musician spoke about Crescendo's achievements in the world, about his work in Europe and Africa, and stressed how Crescendo could be useful to Ukraine and Ukrainian artists with Christian views.

Father Iwan Dacko, President of IES, thanked the distinguished guest for an interesting conversation and expressed hope for successful future ecumenical projects of Crescendo in Ukraine. Father Iwan assured Dr. Rink of the IES’ readiness to support any initiatives that will promote the common growth of Christian artists in Ukraine.

You can watch video of the meeting here. (Language German-Ukrainian)

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