"Kyivan Church: sobornost and synodality" historical preconditions.

2020-05-21 10:45

The seminar supposed to take place at the National University “Ostroh Academy”, but due to quarantine restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it is being held online.

The first part of the seminar was dedicated to the historical aspects of the conciliar life of the Kyivan Church. The speakers were Professor of the National University "Ostroh Academy" Petro Kralyuk, Vice-Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Doctor of Historical Sciences Ihor Skochylyas and Director of the Superior Institute of Religious Sciences of St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of Theology Fr. Petro Balog. The speakers spoke about the traditions of conciliar/sobor life in the Kyivan Orthodox Metropolia, about Eucharistic ecclesiology and church administration through the institution of eparchial councils/sobors, as well as about the problems of sobornost and simultaneous Communion within the Churches of the Kyivan tradition.

Well-known experts from Ukrainian universities took part in the discussion of the reports: Director of the Scientific Library of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Candidate of Historical Sciences Vasyl Kmet, Professor of National University “Ostroh Academy”, Candidate of Historical Sciences Andriy Smirnov, Professor of Ukrainian Catholic University, Doctor of Theology, Fr. Michael Dymyd.

The purpose of the historical session of the seminar, as Mr. Ihor Skochylyas said during the discussion, is to explore the conciliar/sobor traditions of the Kyivan metropolia from the perspective of the past in order to use this experience in the modern life of the Churches of Kyivan tradition.

The second session of the UCAF seminar, which will explore the issues of synodality and sobornost in the Kyivan metropolia from a theological-canonical perspective, will take place online at 5:00 pm next week on May 27, 2020.