"Water: responsibility of a man for the God’s gift" - under this title, the first online video discussion took place within the framework of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies’ project - Ecumenical Social Week.

2020-03-26 11:00

Fr. Oleh Kobel, the administrative assistant of Ecobureau UGCC, spoke about the work of the bureau on environmental issues and spoke about the educational work among believers, children and youth.

Ulyana Horbata, Head of Communication Department of Lvivvodokanal, project manager of Ecoforum, spoke about the peculiarities of receiving water in Lviv, its cleaning and consumption in the city and the countryside, emphasized the problems encountered in her work and spoke about the best practices of the international experience of water use and its purification.

Oleksandra Sladkova, Head of the Ecology Department of the Lviv City Council, spoke about the state of rivers and reservoirs in the city and what their real status is in the light of climate change.

Sophia Shutiak, Leading Legal Counsel and Lawyer, ICO Environment, People, Law, spoke about the legal aspects of water use and access to water, the right on water.

At the end of the discussion, Professor Oleh Pokotylo, Ternopil National Technical University, spoke about the peculiarities of water and its importance for humans, the human body.

Fr. Oleh Kindiy, Director of NGO “The Center of Ecotheology and Sustainable Development” summed up the discussion and thanked the organizers for sharing the experience and called for a more conscious approach to the issues of resource consumption.

You can watch the video recordings of the speakers' speeches in Ukrainian here...