Three-day celebrations, dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Bishop Andriy Sapeliak started in Lviv

2019-12-16 09:45

The event was initiated by a Memorial Service held in memoriam of Bishop Andriy, and then took place an Academic Seminar, entitled: "Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church at Vatican II."

Co-organizer - Institute of Ecumenical Studies of UCU.

The seminar was attended by: President of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies Fr. Dr. Iwan Dacko, Manager of Projects and Programs of the IES Taras Kurylets, Senior Researcher of the Institute of Ethnology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Oksana Sapeliak.


A sincere gratitude was expressed to Bishop Andriy Sapeliak the President of the IES, Father Dr. Iwan Dacko, recalling the life path of His Excellency, drawing on his personal memories of him. He reminded also about his activities as a bishop as a participant of the II Vatican Council. Fr. Iwan also noted the great optimism of the bishop, remembering the fact that two years ago he had invited his fellow bishops to celebrate his 100th birthday. Father Iwan also said that Bishop Andriy was one of the close associates of Patriarch Josyf (Slipyj): Patriarch often consulted with Bishop Sapeliak and listened to his thoughts.

In his welcoming address, Rector of the Lviv Holy Spirit Theological Seminary, Fr. Igor Boyko, remembering that the bishop in his free time always paid attention to prayer on the rosary.

  Fr. Karol Manik, the Provincial of the Salesian fathers in Ukraine, congratulated all those present on behalf of the Salesian family and shared the testimony that Bishop Sapeliak attached great importance to working with young people, taking into account their interests, and most importantly, communicating with the youth.

A staff member of the IES Taras Kurylets said during his presentation that Bishop. Sapeliak took an active part in the II Vatican Council, where he participated in the preparation of various documents, especially the decree "On Ecumenism" (Unitatis redintegratio).

In conclusion, a report on the life of the Bishop was made by Oksana Sapelsak, a Senior Researcher of the Institute of Ethnology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, with special emphasis on the last years of his life when he moved to Verkhniodniprovsk (Dnipro region) for missionary activities.

To the participants of the seminar were shown a video-story about the life of the Bishop, prepared by the Salesian fathers specifically for the festivities. The celebrations lasted from December 12 till December 14. The program in the app.

A Reportage about an Academic Seminar, read please in the January edition «Духовність».

Prepared by Natalya Baida