The 100th anniversary issue of "Spirituality" released

2019-11-27 10:15

This is a project ( of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at UCU, started in 2010 and intended to cover key issues of the social and religious life of Ukraine and the world from an ecumenical perspective.

More than 800 unique author texts and blogs have been published on the pages of the publication and approximately 230,000 reads over these 9 years. The titles were changed, the content improved but the publication managed to retain its uniqueness – to communicate with the reader in clear language about religious life, church events, ecumenical initiatives.

Over the 9 years, many people have worked on the project: the founder of the media project – Antoine Arzhakovsky, the director of the media project – Halyna Bokhonko, the copy editors – Olesia Barchuk (Stohnii) and Anna Hrapeniuk (Mykuliak), now Nataliia Baida (Likhnovska), as well as the literary editor – Olesiia Kosyk (Pastushchak) and translator into Russian – Halyna Hubaliuk. It is a pleasure to name the most active writers of the publication: Marta Bilska, Kateryna Vojinska, Oksana Hotsur, Iryna Berezovska, Taras Kurylets, Oksana Voitko, Anna Klykotska (Humeniuk), Halyna Andrusiv, Lydiia Batih, Olha-Mariia Hnyp, Darja Kucher, Ivanka Bobyliak, Vira Savran.

The "Spirituality" focuses on the lives and activities of people who live a spiritual life and change humanity for the better; informs about the progress of inter-denominational negotiations, church dialogues between different Christian communities; emphasizes on Christian life, faith, values, finding hope in the world among many problems, disseminating quality information about the public, religious initiatives of ChristiansPublished in two languages – Ukrainian and Russian.

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Copy Editor of “Spirituality,”

Nataliia Baida