Warm your soul with kindness and art for the sake of babies' lives

2019-09-09 15:45

The master class for making paper cuttings was held by the talented artist Daria Alioshkina. The main guests of the event were cutting the Tree as a symbol of life, which is of the utmost value for every infant. The charity paper cuttings master class lasted within the 12th Ecumenical Social Week.

The event, which gathered everyone in the Mirror Hall of the Solomiia Krushelnytska Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, became possible on the initiative of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies within the Ecumenical Social Week.

The mission of this Forum is to achieve the well-being of society through the improvement of social policy and the unification of the efforts of the authorities, community, churches and business. And the purpose of the Faith in Life charity event is to bring together famous Ukrainian women to help premature babies in their future – to support the life they are fighting for. Together with the Lviv Regional Charity Fund "Baby," which takes care of premature babies, the organizers decided to help them fulfill their dream – to give them a childhood. This fund was established at the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital.

Among the guests a blond creative artist was fussing about, helping to cut out. The artist Daria Alioshkina is known not only in Ukraine but also abroad, her works have been exhibited in Warsaw, Freiburg, Paris, Seoul, Toronto and many other cities in the world. Daria represents Ukraine at international events with monumental paper cuttings.

The finished cuttings will be exhibited in the lobby of the Sheptytskyi Center within three weeks. And on October 4, at 5 pm, with the participation of the artists, who put their love into their work, an auction of cuttings will take place.

Marta Bilska

Photo- Christine Bekh