The 12th Ecumenical Social Week: Starting in a Month!

2019-09-03 13:00

From October 2 to October 4, the All-Ukrainian Public Forum will take place.

It seeks to unite resources of community, government, social organizations, churches, media and educators around addressing the pressing issues of society, based on the universal values and social doctrine of the Church, fostering ecumenical dialogue in the social sphere.

This year's ESW will traditionally take place in Lviv. The program provides interesting events, including:

 On October 2 – grand opening with participation of organizers and co-organizers, open discussion "Responsibility VS Populism";

On October 3 – panel discussion "Causes and Consequences of Populism," seminar of the Ukrainian Christian Academic Society (UCAS), "Models of Unity of the Kyivan Church: Towards a Restoration of Communion";

October 4 – panel discussion "A sense of personal responsibility";

(Formation of Young Leaders in Ukrainian Society)

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Nataliia Likhnovska