Akhtem Seitablaev spoke about cinema and populism with Lviv citizens (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

2019-04-08 13:45

During the meeting, the artist communicated lively with the audience, told the story of his life and shared his views on the current events in Ukraine.

 In particular, Akhtem conducted a simple poll among those present, namely, he suggested to choose what is the greatest threat to Ukraine today: corruption or war. Opinions in the hall divided and Seitablaev added:

“I always give a simple example at such moments: if at your home a faucet starts to leak, you can fix it yourself or call a master. But what if you just don't have this home? You can always change everything, if only you have where to do that,”the artist is convinced.

 Also, all present had the opportunity to watch short videos of Seitablaev's three films, each of them tells a dramatic story. Although, the actor and director himself said that he liked comedy and would be happy to shoot a movie in this genre if only the time was right.

 The event was organized within the framework of the 12th Ecumenical Social Week “Responsibility VS Populism.