The Institute of Ecumenical Studies has updated the brochure

2018-05-29 12:30

The brochure is divided into three blocks: "About us," "Educational Programs," "Projects".

The block "About Us" contains general information about the Institute, its history, mission, and goals. The purpose of the activity of this structure is described in detail.

 You can get acquainted with the educational programs in the section with the same name. Here you can find out about all the relevant master's, distance and annual certificate programs and choose the one you intend to study.

 The "Projects" section contains the structured information on current IES projects for the last period: the All-Ukrainian Public Forum "Ecumenical Social Week", the Ukrainian Christian Academic Society (UCAS), the Ecumenical Prayer for the Unity of Christians and Peace, the Christian Calendar, the Internet publication "Dukhovnist" and others.


In the brochure, you can also get acquainted with statistics (IES in figures), publications and awards of the organization. On the last pages, you can find information on where to find us, where to call in case of questions and find out who creates our team.