President of the IES, Rev. Dr. Iwan Dacko delivered a lecture on Patriarch Josyph Slipyi in the Franko University

2017-04-03 11:15


The theme of RevIwan’s speech was "Patriarch Josyph and Ukrainian science." Particularly during the lecture reverend doctor spoke about Patriarch’s love for science and a specialgratitude to his brother Roman for the first presented ABC book. "Patriarch always said that modern society was not enough engaged in science. Patriarch Josyph Slipyi loved Ukrainian science in a special way"- Father Iwan Dacko said. The Patriarch stressed that the Ukrainian Catholic University and the Ukrainian Free University in Munich were two wells of Ukrainian science. 

Also during the lecture, the IES President spoke about other important aspects of the Patriarch’s life. According to Fr.Iwan, when the Patriarch was making his life choice, he could not decide whether to choose priest or teaching road. In this, he was helped by Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytskii. Patriarch also used to point out, that in his life he had two crosses - serving the Church and serving the people, and all this combined in service to science.


After the lecture, students had the opportunity to ask Fr. Dr. Iwan Dacko their questions.

Nataliia Likhnovska

Photo by Valentyna Yevtushok