Plenary meeting of the Ukrainian Christian Academic Society (UCAS) "Ways of Reconciliation of Kyiv Church" took place

2016-11-07 10:15

At the plenary session, the unity was discussed and the results of the plenary session of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches 15-22 September 2016 Chieti (Italy) were summed up. About the way to unity in the joint work and with the proposal of distributing projects took floor prot. Heorhii Kovalenko, a representative of the Open Orthodox University of St. Sophia-Wisdom. He spoke about the unity of the Kyiv Church, looking for specifying the current state of the KC. Was mentioned the prospect of cooperation of the Orthodox University with the Institute of Ecumenical Studies. Lecturer at the Ukrainian Catholic University, Ukrainian religious figure, theologian, presbyter of the UGCC, Doctor of Oriental Canon Law, Dr. Mykhailo Dymyd was thinking about our purpose in unity, also stressing on the urgent joint acts.


Press center of the ІХ Ecumenical Social Week

Photo by Iryna Ivanets