New academic semester started!

2016-07-26 10:45

Today, on February 16 in the Candlemas Сhapel of the Ukrainian Catholic University new students who came to study at MPES were greeted. Five students were interviewed and passed the entrance exams, and from today begin to acquire a master's degree at the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University.

 During the ceremony, Manager of Public Relations at IES, Olesia Barchuk told the students about the Institute of Ecumenical Studies, introduced his team and showed a short film about the IES, its projects and practical initiatives in which students can get involved.

 Father Roman Fihas congratulated all the students with a new start and promised a lot of surprises during the two years of study at the program.

 "I am anxious for you. You enter the path of ecumenism. Ecumenism – is a movement for unity among Christians. To unite sometimes is much harder than to divide. To unite – is to be attentive to the other, dare to take a step towards the other. This requires courage, understanding and knowledge. This is some kind of service. And You dared to serve like this. When we go to meet the other, we discover such worlds, which we did not even suspect.

 “God reveals us another way, we begin to communicate and seek what unites us and not divides. Be a community that learns and lives together” – Father Roman Fihas called in his greeting speech.