Science, education and Christian values were discussed in the Parliament of Ukraine with the participation of the IES

2016-02-03 16:15

The IES representative Taras Dmytryk informed the participants about the activities of UCAS (Ukrainian Christian Academic Society), spoke about the course of the 8th Ecumenical Social Week, held in autumn 2015 under the title: "Education for Changes: Spirituality and Innovations." He stressed on the importance of Christian values’ return into scientific sphere, because "without spiritual Christian formation of upbringing of a new generation of Ukrainians – conscious, free from corruption, socially active and competitive at the European and global job markets – it is impossible."

"Mutual ecumenical work in the sphere of education, together with the continuation of ecumenical dialogue are the main principles of further cooperation among Christians in Ukraine, in the first place, the eradication of corruption and protectionism from the field of education and establishing of transparent criteria for of admission and evaluation" – Taras Dmytryk believes.

On behalf of UCAS, Taras Dmytryk expressed readiness to participate in the development of a healthy competitive system to fill in the vacancies of the teaching staff, spoke in support of granting teachers with the civil servant status with the appropriate age restrictions in tenure, supported the idea of introduction and development of university chaplaincy. Regarding the religious subjects teaching, based on the resolution of the 8th Ecumenical Social Week, Taras Dmytryk called on the removal from school and university programs polemical points and to maintain the presentation of the material in a way, not offensive to any denomination.