A trip to the monastery of St. Herard in the village of Hnizdychiv

2015-05-27 10:30


She willingly acquainted students with active believers of local Protestant communities of the Netherlands, who arrived in Ukraine.
Next interesting event of the day was a visit to the Museum of Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky in the village of Ruda (the Branch of Lviv National Art Gallery). Mr. Stepan Revutsky eagerly told the participants of the trip about unforgettable time of Hetman period, the family of Hetman Vyhovsky and objects of culture of the Hetman’s former castle.
“This trip was very informative and useful for the students, it recalled the historical past and our roots. And for our guests from Friesland, we tried to show Ukrainian culture of old times and at the same time to introduce our spiritual heritage and architecture” - said Deputy Director of the IES Iryna Rohovska.


Photo report of the events is here.