89th Social Week of France, dedicated to techno-sciences

2014-12-15 09:15

The point was that the digital equipment has changed our connection with the media, information and, more generally, with knowledge, and now it is changing the way we think, live, eat, engage in relationships. Information greatly increases the ability to innovate, Internet increases  it even more, introducing people to the new world , which is more horizontal and less pyramidal.

On the first day of the conference the participants had the opportunity to attend educational trips and get into the world of tehno-sciences. The "Trips" were dedicated to nanosciences, energy conversion, ambient intelligence, flexible automated production, green chemistry and engineering of living ... Depending on the type of trip, the participants visited enterprises, laboratories and at the Catholic University met with the experts, who presented their researches.

The next day a documentary film by Philip Borel A world without humans?  was shown and discussions in small groups were held. Also in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Treille an ecumenical worship took place, involving Pastor Klaveroli, Chairman of the Federation of Protestants in France, and Bishop Ulrich, Archbishop of Lille.

On Sunday morning, the last day of the conference began with worship in the Church of St. Peter and Paul. The events continued with interesting conversations about an acceleration of time in small groups with psychoanalyst, neuropsychologist, philosophers, psychologists, doctors, engineers, scholars, science fiction writers, journalists, historians, entrepreneurs and lawyers. A special session was devoted to the issue of how politics can promote, regulate research and development of tehno-sciences.

The participants of the Social Week of France tried to answer the question: "How to remain humans in this changing world? How to deal with human relationships, which are replaced  by the growing omnipresence of machines?"