“Kyrylo Korolevsky was the man whose life was changed by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky” - Liliana Hentosh

2014-10-27 12:15

This event was not limited only by the presentation of books and was a time of consideration of the life of author Kyrylo Korolevsky through the prism of personality of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky.

Hegumen of Svyato-Uspenska Lavra hieromonk Theodore (Martyniuk) told about the life of Fr. Kyrylo Korolevsky (real name Jean Francois Charon) and the book “Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky”. “Having published this book we executed the will of Kyrylo Korolevsky, because it was the intention of all his life to collect these memories. This is not a purely scientific work, there is no scientific apparatus. However, these are his memories, thoughts and understanding of the first half of the 20th century, and this should be considered. But anyway, this biography was very competent, so that really deserves attention to be read”- says hieromonk Theodore (Martyniuk).

It should be noted that the book by Kyrylo Korolevsky waited for Ukrainian translation and publication in Ukrainian language for 50 years and today has become the most comprehensive biography of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky. According to Liliana Hentosh, it has stood the test of time, but when we will read it we have to note the distance and the changes that occurred during that period. “Kyrylo Korolevsky is really an outstanding person, very interesting and deep. I believe that this book is a summary of his life and work. Kyrylo Korolevsky was the man whose life was changed by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky” - says Liliana Hentosh.

Very valuable and important fact for researchers and readers is that the author for more than 40 years was acquainted with Metropolitan and benefitted from their friendship. “When this friendship passed various verification tests, as Kyrylo Korolevsky mentions in the preface of the book, he tried to persuade Sheptytsky to confide, and he succeeded. Therefore, there are some very interesting pieces in the book, taken from personal conversations with Metropolitan”- says Liliana Hentosh.

President of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies Fr. Dr. Ivan Dacko also provided a modest but valuable book by Kyrylo Korolevsky “Uniatyzm”. The book was written in 1927 and contains thoughts about the phenomenon uniyatyzm. It consists of an introduction and six parts. In this book, Kyrylo Korolevsky emphasises that the word “uniya” means unity, the restoration of what existed before the great schism. Negative connotation of this word is a historical consequence of improperly prepared uniya. “This book began a recovery process, which is now, though we cannot say that we completely recovered from uniatyzm, but we can safely say that we are completely Eastern Church in unity with the Rome altar” - said Fr. Dr. Ivan Dacko.

Books have been published in “Svichado” by the support of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies, UCU and Institute of St. Clement Pope in Rome.

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