Students of Master Program in Ecumenical Studies can receive scholarship of Illia Onoprienko

2014-04-16 13:30

“July 10th, 2012, Tuesday - that day will remain forever in the memory of many people. That day our classmate and friend Illia Onopriyenko tragically died. Illia just received a Bachelor Degree in Theology. It is difficult to describe the horror everyone felt. Illia was extremely positive and cheerful person always willing to help all who needed him”- said Illia’s friends. That time he was helping to repair the premises of the youth interfaith community “Youth for Jesus”. During the repair work the ceiling fell down. Illia and a few more people were in the room at that time.

Since Illia studied at MPES, it was decided to allocate scholarship specifically for Ecumenical Studies undergraduates. It will be given gradually. In the next semester (autumn 2014) the scholarship will receive two MPES students who are successful in learning on the Program and are actively engaged in IES projects. Illia was not only a good disciple of ecumenism he lived and witnessed it all over the place where he was.


Photo: Illia Onopriyenko (on the right)