Those who serve to mercy

2014-02-27 10:45

The graduates traditionally started the event. They gave a performance, showed a film about the program called “Password” Benevolence”, recited poems and sang songs.

“When we finished this course we came out with completely different ideas and hearts, moreover, all who attended our course are connected by an invisible thread” - shared her memories a graduate of a program.

The co-founders and teachers of the program congratulated the graduates.

“I wish us all when fear knocks at our door to let in the trust in God and then there will be no one behind the door” - wished Oksana Vynyarska, Pedagogical Director of the Certificate Program.

Michele Dormal, director of the curriculum for assistants of the French department of the International Federation “L'Arche”, Coordinator and Supervisor of the Certificate Program called herself “the godmother” of the program. She compared it with the means that helps the child to be born free in every heart. “Many of you said that at the beginning of training there was a wall before everyone, through which it was necessary to go through. And I thought it was rather a stone that covers the source, because life is really here”- said Michele.

Supervisor also said that since November she prayed for Ukraine daily and at the end of the event she sung a prayer, which asked peace and freedom for our country that are as she believes inscribed in the heart of our nation.


The “Medical, psychological and social support for people with special needs” was founded in 2010 by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies in cooperation with the international association “L'Arche – Ark” and the National University “Lviv Polytechnic”.

The objective of the program is: to prepare specialists who will support people with special needs in the light of the new vision of the person.