“Contest that inspires to live”

2013-11-01 18:30

The awards to the winners in four categories of “Religion”, “Culture”, “Community” and “Economy” were handed by the jury: Tetyana Solntseva, editor-in-chief of the online edition of, Victor Zhukovskyi, head of the Department of Theology at UCU, editor-in-chief “The Christian and the World”, Iryna Tsytsak, editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Lvivska poshta”, Yuriy Zaliznyak, Assistant Professor of New Media at the Ivan Franko Lviv National University and Andriy Kulykov, radio presenter at “FM Halychyna”. Materials were evaluated also by an expert on mass media, host of the program “Freedom of speech” (ICTV).

The award ceremony started with the welcome speech of last year’s winner Oksana Senyshyn (TRC "”Lux”). She thanked journalists that they are bearers of hope: “In the Bible, Jesus Christ said to his apostles: ‘You are the light of the world which cannot be hidden’. So also you, the journalists, are this light and you carry the hope into the world. And a world that sometimes seems sad and ruthless actually becomes clear as God planned it, full of hope, faith and love.”

The first place in the nomination “Religion” was given to a journalist of the newspaper “Den” (Day) Nadiya Tysyachna (Kyiv), which prepared the material “To be involved in changes in someone’s life is a great privilege” about a pastor of the Protestant Church of Good Changes, Hennady Mokhnenko who shares his experience of adoption. Today he is the father of 34 children, three biological and thirty one adopted.

In the nomination “Society” the best material was of Victoriya Dvoryanyn “Seeing with the heart” (newspaper "Lvivska poshta") about a blind girl who goes to a regular high school, along with healthy children. “When you meet with the people who are called disabled, when they start telling you about their life, you realize that we are actually disabled, but they are not. Indeed, these people are able to enjoy life much more,” said the journalist.

In the nomination “Culture” the winner was Antonina Kucherenko (newspaper “Porto-franko”, Odesa) with the material about the boy called Davyd who got out of develpmental deficiencies thanks to a local library, “A Library Brings Up a Man”. “This contest inspires to live, - said the winner. – Communicating with different people, you know that they have such problems that your own seem trivial to you.”

In the nomination of “Economy”, the best work was of Dmytro Boyarchuk “How much is the state?” (web-site “Ekonomichna Pravda”). This material, according to the author, was an attempt to show in figures why the rights of taxpayers are legitimate, and why in fact an ordinary Ukrainian, not industrial giants or oligarchs, with an average salary of two-three thousand UAH was the main “sponsor” of the state.

Also during this year’s contest, 6 journalistic projects and materials were rewarded with special awards. Among these are the following: “Unmovable lying” (journal KANA) by Ivanka Rudakevych in the category “Religion”, the documentary “Kvitka Cisyk: single copy voice” (TV channel “Inter”) by Lesya Vakulyuk and Natalya Kovalyova, the program “Factory of Ideas” (Kharkiv State Television and Radio Company, Channel OTB) by Anna Prokayeva, newspaper “Iskorka” (publisher of pupils of Novoaydarska grammar school) by Oksana Martynova, the columns “Waiting for you” (TRC Lux) and “Alone with a book” (radio studio “Noviy Dvir”) Ruslana Fedyuk.

The evening finished with watching the movie “Kvitka Cisyk: single copy voice,” which excited much interest in the audience. One of its authors, Lesya Vakulyuk, who attended the ceremony, shared her vision of the role of the documentary: “It was not just a story of an extraordinary woman different from others. Its purpose was to give hope to those who faced a severe incurable diagnosis. Indeed, the closing credits include an announcement of fundraising for the purchase of a mobile mammograph.”