“Social Partnership Initiatives in Working With Socially Vulnerable Groups”

2013-05-29 12:00

The event was initiated by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University in conjunction with the Dnipropetrovsk City Organization For Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Children With Disabilities “Volya” under the auspices of the National Network of Ecumenical Social Weeks of Ukraine.

Roundtable participants – representatives of local government, business and civil society organizations of Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv – learned about the experience of social work in the cities, focused on the relevance of cooperation between various sectors and pointed out that social projects necessary for the community can be implemented only through joint efforts.

The coordinator of the Ecumenical Social Week, Mariya Kandyba presented five-year achievements of the forum in working with socially vulnerable groups and legislative initiatives aimed at supporting socially unprotected population.

Moreover, Lily Durnyak, the public relations coordinator of the Community “L’Arche” in Lviv, shared the experience of community life, represented products which were made by friends at workshops of “L’Arche”, described the way they live in the house of shared accommodation, build and develop relations between the assistants and friends.

The received experience became extremely exciting and important for the colleagues from Dnepropetrovsk. Indeed, one of the questions discussed during the roundtable was creation of a center for rehabilitation of disabled adults in Dnipropetrovsk and the need to consolidate the efforts of local authorities and NGOs to joint implementation of the project.

The organizers of the round table are confident that such events will facilitate cooperation among cities and the creation of new projects, sharing the experience of ESW and enhancing the community activity.