The Orthodox, Greek Catholics and Armenians united in mutual prayer

2013-01-29 09:45

The prayer was organized by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies UCU.

The event was attended by representatives of four Ukrainian confessions: Auxiliary Bishop of Lviv Church UGCC Venedykt (Aleksiichuk), Deacon Armen representative of the Armenian Apostolic Church, presbyter UOC KP Mykolai Bobyk, clergyman of Lviv Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Fr.Vasyl Kulynych, priest of Assumption Church UAOC.

Bishop Venedykt during a sermon stressed: "The Church is divided on certain parts. All somehow became accustomed to live in this state, we became accustomed to be so, but it's not normal. Christ prayed for the church to be one and therefore all the churches are responsible. We must do everything possible to achieve reconciliation."

Representative of the Armenian Apostolic Church deacon Armen also emphasized that Christian unity depends on us, and God would gladly help us to be together, we should only wish for that.

After the prayer, Fr. Igor Petsiukh stressed on the importance of ecumenism in Ukrainian society: "Ecumenism is already important for our Ukrainian society, and reconciliation and respect between Christians are a new challenges today."

The common prayer ended with singing Christmas carols performed by the choir of the Stauropigeon Brotherhood of Andrew the First-Called-Apostle(UAOC)from Lviv.