About the future of democracy in Ukraine - ecumenically and socially

2012-10-19 20:30

Among the honored guests of the conference were: Arsenii Yatsenyuk, Chairman of the Board of Joint Opposition (All-ukrainian union "Motherland"); Jerome Vignon, president of the Social Weeks of France (SWF); Irina Bekeshkina, Head of the Fund "Democratic Initiatives"; Yaryna Turchyn, director of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, NU "Lviv Polytechnic"; Antoine Arjakovsky, founder of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies UCU, co-director of the Department "Society. Freedom. Peace." Bernardine College (France); Tatiana Shapovalova, chairman of the Presidium of Scientific-methodical commission on Social Security of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Director of Lugansk Institute of Labour and Social Technologies V. Dahl East Ukrainian National University.

The reports evoked different debates among the participants of the academic conference. During discussion of the future of democracy in Ukraine, speakers shared their experiences and made forecasts about economic, political, cultural and religious dimensions of democracy. Jerome Vignon stressed that nothing prevents us from creating the type of democratic community based on religious beliefs. "Justice and truth will overcome the fear of millions and the decline of democracy in Ukraine" – thinks the chairman of the Board of Joint Opposition (All-ukrainian union "Motherland") Arsenii Yatsenyuk. Instead Antoine Arjakovsky noted that crisis of democracy in Ukraine emerged from a misunderstanding of what democracy is.