Foundation of the MDPES` Alumni Association

2012-07-25 11:00

Before the beginning of the event, students and guests watched a film about the IES. The meeting began with a moleben prayer carried by Fr. Roman Fihas, a researcher of the Institute. Welcoming address was delivered by executive director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies Halyna Bokhonko. Then the graduates were able to get to know one another, as each graduation introduced itself and answered questions of the audience.

Here are some graduates` comments on "what is the IES".

"It was a step that helped me in the present work" – Mariya Kokhanovs'ka (graduated in 2008).

"The IES is an environment where are good thoughts, that is why I liked the most the environment of the institute" – Svitlana Hurniak (graduated in 2009).

"It was an opportunity here to open in a new way myself and other people. It was a secondary goal, which came later in the first place" – Olia Melymuka (graduated in 2010).

The meeting raised the idea of Foundation of the MDPES` Alumni Association. It was considered a possible Asspciation statute and proposed possible events that graduates would be able to organize together. The main thing – a desire! The purpose of this union: "Convergence and establishing of a permanent dialogue between the MDPES alumni and further communicating with the Institute of Ecumenical Studies".

This association will enable graduates to actively participate in the life of the institute, and new students to get acquainted with their predecessors, learn from their experience of training and know what prospects they could expect.