The IES staff organized "ecumenical tour" for visitors from Marseille

2012-07-17 14:45

In Lviv pilgrims from France met the staff of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies: Taras Dmytryk and Pavlo Smytsniuk.

Taras Dmytryk started "ecumenical tour" French guests near the Danylo Halytsky monument: through the Halytska Street they went to the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Dormition of Most Holy Virgin Mary, then throught the Market Square and Ruska Street they went to the Orthodox Stauropegian Assumption Church, and at the end through the Stauropegian Square and Virmenska Street they went to the Armenian Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother of God.

After visiting the three main temples of the old city French pilgrims climbed the High Castle, from where they saw a panorama of the city. On the way to the Holy Protection monastery of Sisters Studites where in the afternoon a conference was held pilgrims visited the Church of John the Baptist, built for the Queen Bona, wife of Lev Danylovych and the Kniaz Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas.

In the Sisters Studites` convent Pavlo Smytsnyuk and Taras Dmytryk held a conference where they described the religious situation and ecumenical perspectives in Ukraine.