Schoolchildren of Lviv Region Received a New Textbook on Essentials of Christian Ethics

2012-02-06 11:45

The author of the textbook is a teacher of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Halyna Dobosh. The book was published by the state company All-Ukrainian Specialized Publishing House “Svit.”

This is the third textbook on the basics of Christian ethics, supervised by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies. The textbook is approved by the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

The book’s theme is devoted to the calling of a human being. The author considers the nature of a person, freedom of will, their mission in this world and attitudes which help to realize themselves – God’s Commandments; the book also explains the role of mentors, parents for each of us.

The textbook includes special rubrics: “Think Over, Consider!”, “Remember the Biblical Wisdom!” which can help students to learn to express their own thoughts on the basis of good advice.

We would remind you that since 2010 the Institute of Ecumenical Studies has initiated writing and publishing textbooks on the essentials of Christian ethics. This idea is implemented in cooperation with the Committee for Teaching Christian Ethics and Education, that has been working at the Department of Education and Science, the Lviv Regional State Administration. The institute engages authors, consultants, educators, scholars and priests of various denominations to writing these textbooks.


The first textbook of the series of educational materials on Christian ethics, initiated by ІЕС, was published in November, 2010. This is the book by Halyna Dobosh “I Live and Study in the Family”, a textbook for the 2nd grade of secondary schools, by the publisher “Svit.”

At the end of 2011, the second textbook was published by “Svit”: “Essentials of Christian Ethics” for the students of the 8th grade” The book was written by H. Sokhan, co-authored by Ihor Husakov.